“I’ve worked with Leigh for many years on brand strategy engagements for a number of Australia’s best brands.  She brings a natural instinct for getting inside the customers head combined with a creative talent and mastery of how to deliver stand out brand solutions.”

Graeme Chipp
SPP Management Consultancy

“It was a pleasure to work closely with Leigh on our brand work. She quickly identified and understood the essence of what makes us tick. This was hugely important as it helped us to move forward with a decision on our brand that aligns strongly with our identity and supports the values and philosophy of our organisation.  Leigh is professional, creative and insightful. She is also funny, warm and very ‘human’ to work with. She recognised that our brand is not about community development and impacts; it’s about people.”

Stephanie Harvey
Chief Executive Officer
Indigenous Communities Volunteers

“In a commercial world that talks more about brands while showing that less is understood, Leigh Rodgers combines a real grasp of the purpose of brands with trusted creative insights. Strong brands and relevant storytelling are now linked as a recent ‘discovery’. Leigh has long embraced and delivered this fundamental truth for clients.” 

Kevin Luscombe AM

“Leigh brought questions, experience and insights to work with the team to ensure focus and relevant strength in the creation of the APC brand…always good to work with an advisor who ‘gets it’ and delivers on their promise.”

Mark Harrison
Australian Prostate Centre

“Leigh Rodgers is extremely creative and professional. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Bill Armstrong AO
Indigenous Community Volunteers